Prince Harry Sweeps Little Girl Off Her Feet -- Literally [Video]

Prince Harry has charmed the world again -- this time by literally sweeping a lucky young lady off of her feet.

The prince was attending the closing ceremony for the Invictus Games. The event included over 400 competitors from 13 nations, and is described as "an international sporting event for wounded, injured, and sick Servicemen and women." The teams all came from the armed forces of nations that served alongside one another during combat. It is an event that is championed by Prince Harry.

Also attending the concert was little Isabelle Nixon, a 5-year old girl. Obviously not as recognizable as Prince Harry, Isabelle nonetheless has a very special reason to be attending the Invictus Games. She is the 5-year-old daughter of Adam Nixon, the captain of Team Great Britain's wheelchair basketball team during the Invictus Games. Adam Nixon is a former Gunner in the 26 Regiment Royal Artillery. In March of 2004, Mr. Nixon lost his leg because of an IED blast in Basra.

Little Isabelle was crying because she couldn't see the stage, where the Foo Fighters were playing. Prince Harry noticed the child's distress, and swept her up and onto his shoulders, so that she could see the concert. (Seriously adorable, right?)

And Prince Harry even lingered on afterwards, simply to dance with Isabelle.

Isabelle didn't even realize whose shoulders she was riding on. It was her mother, Taryn Nixon, who informed her, "You're dancing with Prince Harry." Taryn Nixon later shared the moment via Twitter, thanking Prince Harry for providing "an amazing end to an amazing week."

As for Adam Nixon and his team -- they were victorious, and Prince Harry made certain to congratulate Nixon and his teammates.

"Prince Harry had spoken to us at the ceremony, just to say how proud he was of us guys," explained Mr Nixon. "We were underdogs in the final but we beat the US at their own game."

And for Isabelle Nixon, dancing with Prince Harry will be a moment to remember. The little girl said later, "I was completely over the moon. I was chuffed to bits."

As for Prince Harry... he does have a reputation as something of a playboy, filling the tabloids with appearances at glamour-filled parties on yachts in exotic locations, parties filled with beautiful women, and often fueled by drink. As The Daily Beast put it, Harry is known as "the mischief-making spare heir, the fun-loving party boy of the royal family, the heroic ex-serviceman." But moments like this show us that the prince is more than just that -- he is a man who has a purpose, who is dedicated to veterans... and has something of a soft spot for children.

[Image via Kiss FM]