Princess Diana: Palace Press Secretary’s New Tell-All Memoir Alleges Royal Tantrums And Rages

Princess Diana was an icon during her life, due in part to her position in the British Royal family following her marriage to Prince Charles in 1981.

In his new book, On Duty With the Queen: My Time As a Buckingham Palace, Press Secretary Dicky Arbiter reveals much about Diana and her moods. For example, the Princess of Wales had a temper tantrum in February 1992 during a visit to India with then-husband Prince Charles.

Just months before the Royal couple divorced in 1996, they were expected at a polo match in Jaipur but Princess Diana simply refused to go.

“I don’t want to go. I have no intention of doing so,” says the new book, as the Princess continued to rant, “You think I ever care? You really think I even care any more? Because I don’t…. I’m not about to pander to him! Why the bloody hell should I?”

Apparently, after that fierce royal argument, the couple ended up attending the polo match as planned. Later on at the event, Diana reportedly blew up at Charles for his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.

Showbiz Spy reported that Arbiter recounted that Princess Diana said to him, “If he wants to make a fool out of me with that woman, he deserves it. But I am not about to make a fool of myself so that all his friends can laugh at me.”

Soon after that night, in the December of 1992, the couple announced their divorce. Just five years later, Diana died tragically in a car crash in Paris.

Prince Charles is reportedly “furious” with Arbiter for revealing the inside secrets of his relationship with the late Princess of Wales, and is said to be less than happy about the book’s slated release on October 1.

The Sunday Mirror in the U.K. reported that an insider said about Arbiter, “This man was a trusted friend. It is just a case of a man who he thought was a friend and who could be trusted cashing in on the misery of that time.”