WWE News: Could Dean Ambrose Be Returning Tonight At The Night Of Champions PPV?

When Dean Ambrose was written off TV in the way he was, many wondered when WWE would bring him back. They literally had an unlimited schedule, considering they put him through cinder-blocks via his head around two months ago. Seth Rollins came out looking good, and many thought that Ambrose would come back a bit later in the year to gain revenge against Rollins.

WWE’s Lunatic Fringe was written off TV so that he could shoot a new WWE Films project called Lockdown, which sounds like a really cool movie. The movie is now in post-production, meaning Ambrose is free to return.

Roman Reigns was set to take on Seth Rollins at Night of Champions tonight, but those plans were forcibly changed when Reigns had to have emergency hernia surgery on Saturday. This is not a storyline, but totally real. As a result, Reigns could be out until December or January. However, he may have never been set to take on Rollins. The two faced off this past Monday Night, where Roman won. WWE never does rematches from RAW on PPVs that are already planned. Why would they need to? Anyone could have been given to either man to face on RAW, but they chose to pair the two.

This is significant, because it appeared as though WWE was doing the original match to put over Roman. Meanwhile, they would do something big at Night Of Champions for an Ambrose return. The thought was that WWE was planning to bring back Dean Ambrose tonight on the show, and not tomorrow on WWE RAW. This is due to several factors, the first being the WWE Network. WWE obviously wants to entice people to tune into the PPVs. Second, there is no reason for WWE to give us a match on free TV and then watch it again on a PPV; what is the draw or appeal when it has been seen? Fans really do not want to see that.

Ambrose Cinder Blocks

The issue WWE faces now is that they have to bring back Ambrose tonight, because now that Roman is out, Ambrose is the best guy to use for the rivalry with Rollins. The good thing for WWE was that this was the plan all along; it was just shifted a bit when Reigns had to go. The earlier rumor was that Ambrose could be back at NOC or RAW, but after WWE gave us a Rollins/Reigns match on RAW, it was all but confirmed Ambrose would be seen at NOC.

Ambrose has been gaining a massive fan base, so many feel that he could be in for a huge push on his return. This starts with a big comeback, as coming back from your head being driven through blocks is a pretty big thing. How will they do it? The original plan was probably as a save for Roman. Now they have to shift things around, we will have to see something potentially unique. Of course, WWE could give us something we have seen before.

Rollins does not have an opponent for tonight. WWE could pull a big move and have Rollins do an open call to someone and Ambrose could answer, or they could have an attack similar to what we have seen from Dean in the past. The two have been innovative for some time, and every match they have had has been awesome. So WWE obviously wants to continue that. This means WWE could easily have the two square off again at Night of Champions as a surprise addition. I am sure no one would complain about that.

The only thing that can be said is that the match between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins is off. That is confirmed. Dean Ambrose returning is not yet confirmed, but speculation going around is that fans can expect to see the Lunatic Fringe make an appearance on the show. So if you’re an Ambrose fan, you probably won’t be disappointed tonight. WWE will probably give you exactly what you want.

[IMG Credits: Bleacher Report]