Celebrate ‘David Bowie Day’ While Waiting For His New Album, Biography

The Thin White Duke — who we mere mortals call David Bowie — might be poised to burst back onto the world stage once more. What’s the proof to back up that claim? Well, since you asked, let’s explore the evidence.

How about a multi-media exhibition about to hit the United States, featuring hundreds of artifacts gathered over the decades of his diverse rock career? How about that recent documentary which explored five critical years in Bowie’s rise to near mythic stardom?

What about the biography that lays out the gritty details of his sexual exploits, which include intimate encounters with the likes of Susan Sarandon, Elizabeth Taylor, Tina Turner, and… Mick Jagger?

Oh, and there’s that new album supposedly due out “soon.” Ah, David, you do like to tease us. And, based on the contents of that new biography, we’re probably not the only ones who have said that to you.

Then there’s a little thing called “David Bowie Day.” If you haven’t heard, Rolling Stone reported that Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel decreed September 23 would be given over to celebrating the music icon, to coincide with the opening of the “David Bowie Is…” exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Emanuel released a statement, in which he called Bowie “an undisputed global icon boasting a catalogue of 26 critically acclaimed studio albums,” and added that the superstar has “bridged cultures and faiths while both transcending and fortifying the music, art, fashion and design, and theatrical canons.”

“David Bowie Is…” started in London, and has subsequently drawn mobs of admirers in Toronto, Sao Paulo, and Berlin. It puts hundreds of items on display from his personal collection of memorabilia. The Museum of Contemporary Art’s website claims that the exhibition includes “never-before-seen storyboards, handwritten set lists and lyrics, and some of Bowie’s own sketches, musical scores and diary entries.” There are also costumes, such as his Ziggy Stardust outfit, as well as other oddities, like a cocaine spoon.

Tens of thousands of tickets have already been sold for the event, according to Reuters. Chicago is the only American city that will be graced with the exhibit before it moves on to the next stop on its global tour.

So, what are you going to do to celebrate David Bowie Day, even if you don’t live anywhere near Chicago? Perhaps more importantly, are David Bowie and Tilda Swinton the same person?

[Image via The New York Review of Books]