Jessica Arrendale Hides Baby In Toilet: Dying Mom Saves Baby Before Taking Last Breath

Before Jessica Arrendale died, she had the presence of mind to hide her baby in the toilet. The Georgia mom’s heroic act of motherly love before dying in a murder-suicide is what saved her infant’s life. Simply put, Jessica gave her last breath to protect her baby girl.

Jessica Arrendale’s mother, Teresa Inniello, shared the heartbreaking story with WSBRadio on Friday (September 19), nearly a week after her daughter, a victim of domestic violence, died at the hands of her abusive lover.

It all began late Saturday night when Jessica, 33, and her baby’s father, 30-year-old Antoine Davis, returned home from a social outing. At some point, the former Marine veteran, who toured Iraq, became combative with Inniello’s daughter. Apparently, Davis was intoxicated at the time, and he began yelling and beating Jessica, who used a baseball bat to defend herself.

However, she was overpowered and struck numerous times with the bat. There is also is evidence the baby was struck with it due to a trauma injury on her head.

Jessica Arrendale then barricaded herself in the bathroom, but Davis retrieved an assault weapon equipped with a suppressor, burst into their hiding place, and shot Arrendale in the head. Before Jessica died, she managed to hide her baby in the toilet, where police found her 13 hours later. She then contorted her body in such a way that shielded the infant from view. Davis then retreated to a bedroom, where he committed suicide.

“He shot her and they (police) don’t know how she was able to twist her body and fall literally in the opposite direction. She had pure will. She wanted that baby to live. She was the hero because her last breath was saving the child.”

Jessica Arrendale’s mother believes Davis also intended to kill the baby, but with her body slumped over the toilet, perhaps the suspected killer thought the child was already dead.

When Georgia police arrived on the scene, they feared there was a hostage situation, and didn’t want to rush in immediately and jeopardize any lives. Little did they know, Jessica Arrendale died after hiding her baby in the toilet, and the child’s father was dead after taking his own life.

Officers sent in a remote-controlled robot to obtain visuals on the inside. However, the apparatus could not descend the stairs. Thirteen hours later, police stormed the home and came upon the grisly scene. They were startled to find the baby hidden in the toilet, and it was apparent Jessica Arrendale did it to save the child’s life.

The local community set up a fund to raise money for funeral expenses, and to help care for the orphan child.

[Image via: New York Daily News, Bossip]