Insanely Annoying Monkey Tries Everything To Wake Up Cat, But Cat Just Not Having It

When it comes to adorable, or at least fascinating online animal videos, few genres can top the category of inter-species friendships. In the past, The Inquisitr has brought you a cat and a raccoon, a cat and a horse, and of course the classic story of a lion, tiger, and bear who have become inseparable.

Now we bring you a video that may or may not classify as an inter-species “friendship,” but it’s pretty funny to watch — as a little monkey attempts to get the attention of it best friend, a sleeping cat.

Cat owners — feel free to look at this video as revenge for all the times your kitty has whapped you in the nose to wake you up at 5 in the morning. Except as you’ll see, the cat in this video — which it is believed originated in Brazil — seems to have the ability to sleep through absolutely anything.

If there’s a lesson to be taken from this inter-species friendship video, it has to be simply this: don’t get a pet monkey. They may be cute, but monkeys are the most annoying animals — ever!