‘Firefly’ Fan Movie Takes Browncoats Back Into ‘The Verse’

Fans of Joss Whedon’s sci-fi western series Firefly have long sought new ways to revisit the ‘verse, and thanks to an original, fan-made movie, they’re getting another chance.

The Verse is a 16-minute-long film set in the futuristic world of Firefly. Produced and directed by Julian Higgins, it was released earlier this month by Loot Crate, a subscription entertainment service that caters to geek and gamer culture. Featuring an entirely new cast, The Verse follows Captain Bret Hunter as he and his ragtag crew, which bears no small resemblance to the ensemble that made Firefly a cult hit, attempt to deliver an unusual bounty, as A.V. Club notes.

The key to recreating the Firefly universe for the film was the assistance of Quantum Mechanix, according to Loot Crate. The firm is responsible for Firefly Online, an internet RPG that has attracted the talents of the entire Firefly cast, as The Inquisitr previously noted. Quantum Mechanix consulted on the project, providing original models and screen accurate props in order to add another layer of authenticity to The Verse. The characters that debut in the film, in turn, will officially find their way into Firefly Online.

The finished product is so well produced that members of Firefly‘s original cast have taken note. Actor Nathan Fillion referenced The Verse on his Twitter account, remarking on the film’s quality. Tim Minear, who was Executive Producer on Firefly along with Joss Whedon, tweeted a link to the film, calling The Verse “shiny.”

As Tubefilter points out, the characters in The Verse aren’t exactly the same as those featured on Firefly, though they are clearly analogues of the personalities that made the show a favorite among fans. The Verse takes place aboard a transport ship called the Overland, captained by a man with a military history, and includes such archetypal characters as a genius mechanic and a stowaway with deeper connections.

Firefly originally aired on Fox for one season in 2002, before it was canceled. A feature film, Serenity, followed in 2005. The show has developed a culture of its own, supported by the Browncoats, one of the most devoted fanbases in all of science fiction.

While fan made films aren’t anything new in sci-fi, having proliferated at the hands of Star Trek devotees, The Verse stands out for its adherence to the aesthetics of the original Firefly. Every aspect, from twangy music and quick banter, to the odd camera angles that define exterior shots of spaceships, has been recreated, making The Verse a welcome yet all too short return to the world of Firefly.

[Image via A.V. Club]