Eva Mendes, Ryan Gosling ‘Blissfully In Love’ With Daughter, Baby Was A Long Time Coming

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are said to be “blissfully in love” with their new daughter, born on September 12. According to People Magazine, the new parents are beyond happy and excited to be sharing this new journey together. Sources say that having a baby completely changed the lives of the two actors, who have been dating since 2011.

“[Eva is] absolutely in heaven being a mom. She’s never been happier. She and Ryan are just in awe of this beautiful person they created. It’s a really special time for them,” said a source.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling may not have been planning to have a baby, but sources say that they have adapted, and that they are both really happy that this little girl came into their lives. As they are getting adjusted to being a family, they are keeping things as private as possible. Apparently this was Eva’s idea — she has wanted to keep her pregnancy a secret from the very beginning, and Ryan has completely supported her.

“Their lives completely changed as soon as Eva got pregnant. They used to travel all over the place together and go on hikes with their dogs. [But in the past few months] she barely left the house. Ryan has been taking care of her, picking up food, and running errands. He has been very supportive of keeping things a secret.”

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling were reportedly broken up when Eva got pregnant. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the two had decided to got their separate ways, but were still seeing each other (read: sleeping together) for weeks after that. While the baby news was not expected, the couple had previously discussed children, and Ryan has wanted kids for quite some time, so they found a way to make it work.

“This has been a long time coming. Ryan and Eva definitely discussed children before. She knows how much he wants to be a dad and he’s going to be an amazing father.”

No word yet on what the couple decided to name their baby girl. Of course, the two are keeping the news very private, and are just focused on spending this new time together without the media getting in the way. According to E! News, the new family has already shared some really special moments together — including baby’s first bath — and Ryan has been so hands on with his little girl thus far.

“Ryan is very hands on. Changes diapers, rocks her to sleep—they gave her her first bath together and videotaped the whole thing,” shared a source. Ryan and Eva’s parents have also enjoyed spending time with the new baby. “Both grandmothers are so in love and have been to the house every day.”

The insider also shared that Eva was really hoping that she’ d have a little girl.

“She’s so good with kids and has been wanting this a really long time. When she found out she was having a girl, she was freaking out. She kind of wanted a girl deep down, but of course just wants a happy and healthy baby.”

[Photo courtesy of The Hollywood Gossip]