FDA Preparing To Study Effects Of Tobacco Rules On Smokers

The Food and Drug Administration announced on Thursday that they are planning to launch a study of 40,000 smokers ages 12 and older to determine how new tobacco regulations are affecting their lifestyle.

The FDA along with the National Institutes of Health plan to use the study to inform people about the risks associated with tobacco products.

According to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg:

“The results will strengthen FDA’s ability to fulfill our mission to make tobacco-related death and disease part of America’s past.”

The study comes after the FDA was put in charge of overseeing advertisements and product designs of the tobacco industry, a move that tobacco officials say has left the FDA overstepping their authority. According to RJ Reynolds and Lorillard Inc pictures of rotting teeth and diseased lungs have not been proven to stop people from smoking or understanding the dangers associated with smoking.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there has been little change in the number of Americans who smoke cigarettes since 2004.

Do you think the FDA has overstepped their bounds and is spending taxpayer money on this type of long-term smoking survey a smart move?