Michelle Obama Tells Secret Service “Just Tell Me When To Run”

In a rare trip for the first lady Michelle Obama visited the Secret Service headquarters on Wednesday to learn about the agencies operations and how they work to protect her family and other members of the political system.

After an hour long tour Michelle Obama told a packed room of secret service members:

“All I can say is, after my little tour, is ignorance is bliss.”

“I just — I just don’t want to know,” the first lady said through the laughter. “You all can handle that. Just tell me when — where to run.”

When President Obama first took office Mrs. Obama spoke candidly about the lack of privacy she felt with secret service officers constantly surrounding her and her family members, now she says over the last two-and-a-half years those same agents have become “like family” to her.

According to Politico:


In fact, she said, the first family has grown so close to the agents around the house that they will sometimes have little spats about who gets which Secret Service agent on various outings.

Obama said her youngest daughter, Sasha, will tell her sister Malia, “You took Scott!” And sometimes Malia, who apparently has grown close to the same agent, will say “You took Scott? That’s not fair!”

Speaking about her visit to the Secret Service headquarters Ed Donovan said it’s rare to have a first lady visit the agency:

“It has happened,” he said, “but it’s not a regular occurrence.”

I’m surprised to hear that not many first ladies go to the organization to check out exactly how their families are protected 24/7/365. Does Michelle Obama’s appearance at the Secret Service headquarters surprise you?