These Well-Timed Wedding Photobombs Are A Match Made In Heaven

Photobombs, whether intentional or otherwise, are always interesting. Then there are wedding albums, which are seen mostly (sometimes grudgingly) by close family members only. But combining these two can produce remarkable results.

Guess Who Decided To Drop By

[Image Credit | The Huffington Post]

Just The Priest Planking... Err Pranking Then Newly Weds

[Image Credit | theCHIVE]

The Stance, The Poise, The Grace... The Couple Just Stood There Gazing In Each Others Eyes

[Image Credit | Slice]

What A Nosy Horse

[Image Credit | C’mon Lifestyle]

Must. Finish. Race.

[Image Credit | Photopinknyc]

Evenm The Horses Know When & How To Do Derp

[Image Credit | Dump A Day]

Is That The Groom?

[Image Credit | Bridal Guide]

So Sweet.. He (Or She) Just Wants The Bouquet

[Image Credit | Just Something]

Scarred / Scared For Life In 3...2...1

[Image Credit | funnyjunk]

This Photo Could Be Used To Teach People Proper Techniques Of Taking A Selfie, Despite Hiring An Expensive Wedding Photographer

[Image Credit | Lot Of Laughters]

How Did He Manage That? Was Everybody Involved In This Creepy Threesome Photo?

[Image Credit | Slice]

With All These Hefty People, The Poor Boy Must Have Had To Time His Jump Perfectly To Be Included

[Image Credit | Get Some Funny]

This Photo Clearly Shows why You Must Never Stifle A Yawn Or A Sneeze

[Image Credit | Dump A Day]

There is nothing like a few “interesting” photobombs to liven up any wedding album. In fact, looking at these photos, it might make sense to ask the photographer to “create” such moments to make the album all the more fun for friends and family.

[Featured Image Credit | Izifunny]