'Duck Dynasty': Phil Robertson Not Sick Or Hospitalized Despite Sadie's 'DWTS' Quote

Patrick Frye

Earlier this week, it was rumored that Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson had been hospitalized with a mystery ailment and was resting in a hospital in Los Angeles. But it turns out that reports may have been full of quack.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Phil Robertson continued his controversial remarks, this time speaking out on voter responsibility and abortion. During his speech, Robertson claimed that Americans were responsible for the state of the nation due to voter turnout, and argued that voters should never vote for a "dude or woman" who is "for ripping human fetuses out of their mother's womb." Robertson also recently claimed the best way to handle the ISIS terrorist group is to "convert or kill them." This had some people criticizing the Duck Dynasty father, saying that the head of Duck Commander essentially had the same position as the Islamic State. But now Phil has clarified this statement, saying that he would rather have a Bible study with ISIS terrorists than have them killed.

Rumors about Phil Robertson's hospitalization apparently started when 17-year-old Sadie Robertson discussed the health problems of her grandfather after she was asked why only two members of the Robertson family had attended her Dancing with the Stars Performance.

"My grandpa actually had to go to the hospital tonight. So a lot of them are with him," she said, only adding that "he's going to be fine."

Everyone in the media jumped to the conclusion that Sadie was referring to grandfather Phil Robertson, but it turns out she was misinterpreted. The grandpa in question was actually John Howard, Sadie's maternal grandfather, who went for medical treatment after experiencing stomach problems while in Los Angeles. A family representative for the Robertson's also confirmed this was the case to The Blaze.

"Phil Robertson is in great health and has not been hospitalized this week," the family's publicist said. "When Sadie mentioned her grandfather earlier this week, she was referring to her maternal grandfather, who we are happy to report is now home and in good health."

Meanwhile, Phil Robertson has been traveling around the United States promoting his new book UnPHILtered, which talks about various controversial issues that have surrounded Duck Dynasty in recent years. Also, check out Sadie Robertson's performance below if you missed it.