Man Waits 44 Hours In Line For iPhone 6 Hoping It Would Save His Marriage [Video]

Many iPhone users wait in line just to get their hands on the latest release, iPhone 6, but the story is different for Darius Wlodarski, a man from Bristol who is hoping that the new model will save his marriage.

Wlodarski is heartbroken after splitting from his wife of 20 years just about a month ago. Right before they split, Wlodarski told himself that he would get his wife an iPhone 6. So he waited in line at the Bristol Apple store for 44 hours — almost 2 days before the product’s release — just to make sure that he fulfilled his promise, Mashable reports.

Wlodarski said that he is at fault for his failed marriage.

“After 20 years of marriage, she split with me a month ago, because I wasn’t the best husband and father. I did so many things wrong, so I want to say sorry to my wife and daughter.”

The iPhone is significant to Wlodarski because he said that he gave his wife the iPhone 5 two years ago, and the present made her very happy. He’s hoping that if it won’t save his marriage, it will at least make his wife happy, according to Mirror UK.

“She told me she would like an iPhone 6 because it had a bigger screen but realized we could not afford it but still, I want to buy it for her.”

Wlodarski is currently unemployed because of health reasons, but he is still determined to get the iPhone 6 for his wife by paying for it using his credit card.

On the video, Wlodarski seems heartbroken and very sad about his situation with his wife. He was the first one who camped outside the Apple store, and no one was in line for another day. He has been offered lunch and coffee from a nearby restaurant. He said that he just had to make sure that he got the iPhone 6 as soon as it was released.

“I didn’t know that family is important to me, so I did so many things wrong. So I want to say sorry to my wife and my daughter that I wasn’t as good as I could be. I want to say, maybe one day you’ll realize… I could be good again. I don’t know, maybe you’ll trust me again. Sorry.”

Huge Apple fans all over the world camped outside Apple stores hoping to be the first ones to get their hands on the latest model. Let’s hope that Wlodarski’s 44-hour wait in line will make his wife happy.

[Image via Mirror UK]