ISIL Threat: Nurse Is Against Treating Terrorists Who ‘Chop Off Heads,’ Right Or Wrong?

The ISIL threat is greater at the present time to countries such as Turkey and Australia rather than the United States, and this has caused one nurse, only identified as “E.G.,” to voice her distaste for treating such individuals.

According to a recent article from Today’s Zaman, E.G. works in healthcare in the city and province of Mersin, just off the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

E.G., who provides care at a private hospital, claims that she has treated several radical terrorists belonging to the group Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). These terrorists, she claimed, had identified themselves as Syrians when initially admitted to the hospital.

In a letter reported by Taraf, the nurse had this to say.

“We treat them, and they go on to decapitate people. I am sick of treating wounded ISIL militants…. I was extremely distressed about this. I am very sorry about this situation. I am disturbed by the fact that these people are being treated in our hospitals while our people are being held by them.”

Zaman notes that for the last three months, the ISIL terrorists have had 46 Turks and three consulate staff who are not Turkish citizens in captivity.

E.G. reiterated that she was “ashamed” of her role in treating these individuals, and said the ISIL militants were checked in to the hospital under fake names.

“The ISIL commander named Muhammet Ali R. who was admitted to our hospital on Aug. 7 was treated at room number 323. Many of his bodyguards kept watch around the hospital. Many other ISIL commanders like him and soldiers have been treated at our hospital, and returned to war after the completion of their treatment. I don’t want to help these people. I want you to inspect these hospitals. And I am referring the owners of the hospital and its management to God.”

E.G.’s dilemma is an interesting one in the sense that the universal charge of healthcare workers is to save lives, and doing nothing for severely wounded ISIL militants would be akin to taking their lives.

With the U.S. border as loose as it currently is, it’s very possible that ISIL members are already in the country. What if a U.S. nurse or doctor were to face the same situation?

Should they have to provide the same level of care to these individuals if they were to find out something that gave away their identities?

What do you think, readers, particularly those of you who might actually be nurses? Do you agree with E.G.’s anger and unwillingness to treat ISIL militants?

[Image via BBC]