Sarah Palin Brawl: Palin Breaks Silence About Brawl — Or Does She? — Defending Daughter Bristol

Sarah Palin finally broke her silence about the September 6, 20-person brawl involving her family at a house party in Anchorage, Alaska — maybe.

Palin posted a Facebook message Friday morning defending her daughter Bristol and making a vague reference to “my kids’ defense of family,” which the former Republican vice-presidential candidate said, “makes my heart soar.”

According to witness accounts, when a massive brawl allegedly started by her older brother Track broke out at the party, Bristol raced to confront the man who owned the home and repeatedly punched him in the face, behavior described by one witness as “quite, quite violent.”

Sarah Palin has yet to make a public comment addressing the subject of the brawl directly — no member of the Palin family has, in fact — but in the Friday Facebook post, Palin hailed her daughter as “straight shooter” and “one of the strongest young women you’ll ever meet.”

“Right up there with their work ethic and heart for those less fortunate, my kids’ defense of family makes my heart soar!” Palin wrote in her Facebook status update.

Sarah Palin Facebook post

But was the reference to “defense of family” a reference to the Palin family brawl? Or was Sarah Palin referring to the persistent rumor that she and her husband, Todd, are experiencing marital difficulties and may be soon getting a divorce?

That wasn’t clear from the post, but Palin may have been referring to the divorce rumors, because in the same post, she linked to a blog post by Bristol Palin in which the younger Palin scoffed at rumors of her parents’ impending divorce — including a photo of Todd Palin kissing the back of Sarah Palin’s head as the couple stands in front of an inflatable number “50.”

Sarah Palin Todd Palin

The Sarah Palin divorce rumors have been floating around the media since 2009, when blogger Jesse Griffin — who has made something of career as a thorn in the Palin family’s side — wrote that Sarah and Todd Palin were “splitsville” in August of 2009.

The rumors surfaced again this week after Sarah Palin was photographed in public not only without makeup but without her wedding ring either.

Griffin remains convinced that the Palins are on the outs.

“There is plenty of evidence to suggest that Palin spends the majority of her time in Arizona, while Todd remains in Alaska,” he wrote in a recent post, saying also that “Sarah has been spotted repeatedly without her ring, and often without Todd all over the country.”

If, indeed, Sarah Palin was referring to the divorce rumors with her reference to Bristol Palin’s “defense of family,” then she still has not broken her silence about the Palin family brawl.

[Images via Immoral Minority, Facebook & Patheos]