Did Katherine Heigl Confuse Iraq For Afghanistan?

Katherine Heigl has received criticism over the years for her sound bytes, but this is a bit much. Heigl sent out a recent photo on her Facebook and Instagram that stirred up some reaction when she allegedly confused Iraq and Afghanistan.

Heigl is currently starring in her own show for NBC, State of Affairs, but she just created a very large snafu while sharing a photo on Facebook. Heigl decided to promote her new NBC show, which is standard for someone who’s on a new TV show. That said, we’re betting the attention she’s getting isn’t the kind of promotion she had in mind when she shared a photo from the set.

Here’s where the apparent mix-up came in. Heigl shared a photo from the set of her drama State of Affairs with her co-star Chris McKenna. Her caption for the photo is where the confusion comes in.

“Santa Clarita played the part of Kabul Afghanistan today for State of Affairs. Kinda blew my mind…”

According to E! the set is supposed to be Iraq and not Afghanistan. Oops! The background gives that away seeing as there’s Iraqi posters in the background.

Heigl kind of explained the mistake by saying that she wasn’t confused, and was just misplaced on set.

“Some eagle-eyed fans spotted that the posters in the background of my photo yesterday were from Iraq not Afghanistan. Our secret it [sic] out! The sets we use on State of Affairs represent many different countries around the world. We were actually shooting scenes in ‘Kabul,’ but for the selfie had wandered into ‘Iraq’ by simply crossing the street. Movie magic people!”

Sounds plausible, but it could be a cover up for a huge mistake. Either way, Heigl doesn’t seem to be that mortified. After all, she still has her own show on NBC.

It hasn’t been smooth sailing on set. Back in August an executive producer, Ed Bernero, decided to leave the show. Of course seeing as it has yet to air and is a freshman series, that’s not exactly the best sign.

According to Entertainment Weekly the executive producer decided to leave after he had “creative differences” with another executive producer, Joe Carnahan, who is running things on the espionage thriller.

There hasn’t been a lot of reception about State of Affairs since it has a November 17 air date, but we’re keeping our eyes peeled for updates.

[Image via Katherine Heigl / Facebook]