GoPro Gunpoint Robbery: This Tourist Forgets His Camera Is On His Head When Thug Mugs Him

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to get robbed at gunpoint on the streets of foreign city where you don’t even speak the language — and haven’t we all? — this GoPro video is for you. Thanks to the CNN report above, you can now vicariously experience what it’s like to have your life threatened — in crystal clear high def.

The guy wearing the GoPro here is Canadian tourist Alex Hennessy, who was backpacking through South America when he was victimized by a robber on a motorcycle waving a gun.

The incident took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as Hennessy and some of his backpacking buddies were bicycling in brad daylight down what appeared to be relatively safe street when a angry looking dude riding a motorbike without a helmet bumps into him.

You’ll see Hennessy at first just keep going, figuring this idiot is just a lousy driver. But then a gun comes out of the thug’s pocket. As the attacker starts waving the firearm around, he shouts, “mochila!”

In other words, he wants Hennessy’s backpack, which was filled with expensive camera equipment. But the Canadian backpacker wasn’t about to hand it over gun or no gun.

Hennessy attempts to calm the bandit by shouting the only Spanish word he could think of — “Amigo!” — again and again, 21 times. It wasn’t until the end of the scary encounter that Hennessy remembered that he was wearing a GoPro camera on his head.

Apparently, the criminal didn’t notice, or didn’t care, either.

In the end, no one was hurt. But the Buenos Aires police, despite having a high-definition GoPro video that shows the robber’s face and bike a clear as day, still have failed to apprehend the bad guy.

Watch the frightening but weirdly gripping GoPro video in the CNN report above.