John Cantlie, Prince William And Harry’s Friend, Featured In New ISIS Video

The latest Islamic State hostage featured in a video is John Cantlie, Prince William and Harry’s friend. A new propaganda video released by ISIS features Cantlie sitting behind a desk and reading to the cameras, seemingly from a script. The video claims that he will reveal truths about the group, and he speaks of the United States and British governments supposedly abandoning the ISIS hostages.

According to Us Weekly, John Cantlie’s Prince William and Harry connection involves their love of motorcycles. The trio did a Enduro Africa charity bike ride together in 2008, and Cantlie was the official photographer for the event. The eight-day, 1,000-mile ride took place across South Africa, and the group rode and lived together throughout the event.

John Cantlie, 43, has worked for The Sunday Telegraph as well as for The Sunday Times. He has been held hostage twice, and given recent events, many worry that he may not manage to get away a second time. The photojournalist was first kidnapped in Syria in July 2012 as he covered the civil war in the region. He escaped with some help from the Free Syrian Army, but he wanted to continue his work there.

Cantlie returned to Syria in November 2012 and he has been held hostage for nearly two years. As the Daily Mail notes, the photojournalist says in the new video clip that he doesn’t know his fate and it lies in the hands of the Islamic State. Cantlie is the third Briton known to have been captured by the group, though more than 80 journalists have been kidnapped in the area over the past three years. At least 20 remain missing. A number of foreign aid workers have been kidnapped and remain missing as well.

This new video indicates that more clips featuring John are likely to be released, as he will reveal more supposed truths about the group. This video is quite different from the last few released by ISIS, ones that showed a masked ISIS militant beheading several captives. American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, along with British aid worker David Haines, were the ones beheaded in the recent videos that created an intense determination by many to take action against the militant group.

While the fate of John Cantlie, Prince William and Harry’s friend, remains unknown, many worry about what will happen, and that other videos may be coming. President Obama is preparing to intensify the efforts to take down ISIS, and other nations are now indicating a willingness to help.

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