WWE: Ric Flair Hospitalized, But Appendicitis Attack And A Hernia Won’t Keep The Nature Boy Down

WWE legend Ric Flair was hospitalized due to an appendicitis attack and a hernia. Although the 65-year-old is doing great health-wise based upon his age, it’s precisely because of his age that even such relatively minor medical issues could be worrisome.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, former Ring of Honor owner Cary Silkin claims Ric Flair ripped off ROH for a cool $40,000, and only showed up to a scheduled appearance just to announce had a commitment with the WWE. Flair also says he once witnessed Andre the Giant practically drown himself in beer based upon the huge volumes he could consume in one sitting.

Most of the details about Ric Flair’s hospitalization come from Jim Ross, who provided a health update on his blog.

“Now sources are saying Ric Flair had an appendicitis attack and then the doctors found a hernia which both are considered minor surgeries but my take on that is that no surgery is ‘minor’ when a guy is 65 years old. Details are still unconfirmed but we hope that Flair heals quickly.”

The good news: PWInsider is reporting that Flair is expected to be released soon from the hospital.

“Ric Flair has been added to WWE’s live tour dates in Mexico City next month. Flair is expected to be released from the hospital today.”

Last week, WWE NXT Takeover 2 was supposed to feature Flair introducing KENTA, but the Nature Boy ducked out at the last minute, citing a “personal conflict.” It’s believed this personal issue was actually Flair being hospitalized in Georgia, which seems a very good reason to have missed announcing KENTA’s debut into the WWE universe. Flair’s surgery caused him to miss this week’s WWE SmackDown recordings and it’s also expected that he will miss WWE Night of Champions 2014 this coming weekend.