McDonald's Monopoly Game Is Back: Odds Of Winning $1 Mil May Blow Your Diet

McDonald's Monopoly game returns on September 30, 2014, with $1 million prize up for grabs. What are the odds of finding the lucky game pieces and becoming an instant millionaire? You will have to eat a lot of Big Mac sandwiches, Chicken McNuggets, and other McDonald's menu items to find the tickets. According to, the odds of winning this year's biggest prize is 1 in 3,538,525,029.

There are 550 calories in a Big Mac, and 590 calories in a 10-piece pack of chicken nuggets, so maybe it's a better idea to play the lottery or ask your friends to give you their game tickets. Savings Advice posted some ideas on how to win cash prizes in this year's Monopoly game, with tips on how to win without eating thousands of McD's food items. The articles suggest that players "make friends" with restaurant employees and form a team of game stamp collectors to help them win the big prizes.

"Another way to get early access to game pieces is to have friends who work at McDonald's. If they aren't collecting game pieces for themselves, they can save you the pieces customers throw away."

If making friends with employees isn't your thing and don't mind chowing down on burgers and fries, there are millions of prizes up for grabs this year. Before you start dreaming of winning prizes like a $1 million, a trip to Super Bowl XLIX, or a $5,000 Target shopping spree, there's a chance to cash in on prizes before the game even kicks off.

McDonalds is encouraging customers to enter pre-promotion sweepstakes online at Free codes for this warm-up game will be posted on the company's Twitter and Facebook accounts on September 23. For those who shy away from social media, the codes will also be available on select McDonald's food products on Tuesday.

For those who are anxious to start playing the annual game that includes a game board, game stamps, and millions of prizes, the official 2014 McDonald's Monopoly game kicks off on September 30. As in previous years, there will be instant win tickets on food products, game codes that can be entered online, and the popular match and win game. The coveted $1 million prize will only be given away if someone finds the matching blue Boardwalk and Park Place game pieces.

How do you get a 2013 Monopoly game piece? Starting on September 30, head over to your local McDonald's and find two game stamps on each of the following food items: Medium Fountain Drinks; Medium or Large Hot McCafe beverages; the Big Mac sandwich; Bacon Clubhouse sandwiches; Filet-O-Fish sandwiches; 10-piece Chicken McNuggets; Premium McWrap; Hash Browns; Egg White Delight McMuffin sandwiches, Egg McMuffin or Sausage McMuffin with Egg sandwiches and Fruit & Maple Oatmeal. This year, there will also be double game stamps (4) on packages of 20-piece Chicken McNuggets and Large Fries.

Collect the game pieces on the game boards available at all McDonald's restaurants, and enter the game code on each game piece to enter into the online sweepstakes. Each game stamp is also a peel-off instant win ticket, with millions of prizes including $20 Target gift cards, McD's food prizes, a trip for two to Super Bowl XLIX, a Lebron James experience, and a Vizio 50" SmartTV up for grabs.

Play the in-store McDonald's Monopoly game between September 30 and October 27. Online game play will continue on through November 10. For official game rules, go to