First Owner Of The iPhone 6 Drops Phone Upon Opening Package [Video]

Niki Cruz

Sometimes as an avid iPhone user there's such a thing as being too excited. Unfortunately the iPhone 6's very first customer learned that the hard way when he dropped his phone during a television interview.

This isn't just any customer -- as we stated, Perth, Australia's Jack Cooksey was the very first person to receive an iPhone 6. He waited on line outside of the Apple Store, and was very eager to be the first person to have the iPhone 6 in his hands.

While being interviewed at the Perth Apple Store on Hay Street, Cooksey eagerly took his iPhone 6 out of its packaging to show it off to the reporter, and immediately dropped it on the sidewalk to the horror of everyone else still waiting on line for their new phone.

The video was going to go viral anyway because Cooksey was the first to own the iPhone 6, but it took on a life of its own after he dropped the phone. Luckily he didn't scratch, crack or break his brand new phone. See, iPhone critics, you don't need the sapphire glass after all.

— Snoopy Girl (@Snoopy_Girly) September 19, 2014

Luckily he seemed to have a good sense of humor for being an epic klutz. Jack spoke with PerthNow to explain what happened.

"I dropped it in a panic to get it open. Luckily it's covered in plastic, so it's fine. I just can't wait to open it again -- and not drop it."

Despite everything, Jack seems to be reaping the benefits of being known as the first guy to drop his iPhone 6. Of course he's documenting this all on Twitter.

— Jack (@triggywiggy) September 19, 2014

— Jack (@triggywiggy) September 19, 2014

— Jack (@triggywiggy) September 19, 2014

— Jack (@triggywiggy) September 19, 2014

— Jack (@triggywiggy) September 19, 2014

[Image via Triggywiggy/Twitter]