Rick Ross’ Net Worth Should Top Forbes’ Cash Kings 2014? Rapper Doesn’t Come Close [Video]

Any discussion about Rick Ross’ net worth has the “hood billionaire” claiming he needs to always be in the top five of the Forbes Cash Kings list, which tells us who the richest rappers in the world are nowadays. But, as it turns out, he probably isn’t even close to being a Cash Prince, never mind a Cash King.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the Michael Brown shooting and alleged Ferguson police brutality was the subject of one of Rick Ross’ raps in a new mix.

Rick Ross probably wishes he was Dr. Dre right about now, since he became the first hip hop billionaire after inking a deal with Apple. Rick Ross’ Hood Billionaire album pretty much sums up his ambitions in one name, and he’s doing anything to ensure he rolls in the green. He’s been slowly expanding his Wingstop empire (just don’t bring your guns), and he has his eyes set on the Forbes’ Cash Kings 2014 list.

But Rick Ross has never once even come close to the top ten, never mind the top five, which includes names like Diddy, Jay Z, and, of course, Dr. Dre. In the above interview, Ross explains why he believes he should have a shot at making the Forbes Cash Kings 2014 list, which comes out next week.

“I’m always top five. That’s in my mind,” Ross said. “The beauty of the Forbes list is that it excites the streets. It gives people an idea of what’s going on financially. It inspires the youngsters.”

Of course, Rick Ross’ net worth can’t even compare to the others in the hip hop industry. While Ross famously wrote a song that had his checking account balance listed as $92,153,182.28, most third party estimates claim it’s more likely his net worth is somewhere in the vicinity of $28 million, not $92 million.

Besides being short on change, the Forbes Hip-Hop Cash Princes 2014 list was published recently and Ross’ name is nowhere to be found. Forbes says this list represents “the rising stars with the best chance of vaulting to the next level of commercial success — and they’re the ones most likely to make the leap to the Cash Kings list in the near future.”

In the end, the rapper might be putting too much stock in the Forbes Cash Kings list. Diddy doesn’t take the Forbes list too seriously himself. Ironically, he even rapped about that fact in Rick Ross song, saying, “[Screw] the Forbes list. Let’s tell the truth: I ate more.”