Lil Wayne Reportedly Impregnates Both Fiancee Dhea And Mistress Christina Milian

Lil Wayne might want to invest in baby formula.

The rapper is reportedly expecting babies with both his fiancee Dhea and his mistress Christina Milian. The baby news cam via MediaTakeOut, which noted:

“Last month broke the news that rapper Lil Wayne’s MISTRESS Christina Milian is PREGNANT… well now he got his MAIN CHICK pregnant too. just CONFIRMED that Weezy’s longtime fiance (they’ve been “engaged” for two years now) is pregnant. The confirmation came from a ROCK SOLID Young Money snitch… so it’s #FACTS#”

Last month, the bizarre “love quadrilateral” between Lil Wayne, Christina Milian, rapper The Game and his ex wife Nivea came into focus. Lil Wayne had dated or was dating two of The Game’s exes, Milian and Nivea. noted:

“If Christina Milian and Lil Wayne are dating, their union seems like a love quadrilateral gone terribly awkward, given their relationship pasts. And not everybody is feeling it.”

“The-Dream, Milan’s ex-husband, definitely thinks the situation is strange. For starters, when Vlad TV asked him about the “dynamic” between him, ex-wife Nivea and Wayne, whom she has a child with, Dream replied, “Super dynamic.”

“He also implied that Milian messed up the rotation by dating her ex-husband’s ex-wife’s child’s father. “I think that’s what everybody was thinking when the news broke. Everybody was thinking of that but supposedly Christina,” he said. “She wasn’t thinking of that at all. I have no idea how she could not be thinking of that.”

Reports that Christina Milian is pregnant began circulating last month, with sources saying she got pregnant not long into the relationship with Lil Wayne and decided to keep the baby.

Milian denied the rumor publicly, posting a denial on Twitter.

“I am NOT preggos #MTO… Lol, where do you guys get this stuff?!” the singer wrote, referring to an initial report from MediaTakeOut.

If it’s true that Lil Wayne got both fiancee Dhea and mistress Christinia Milian pregnant, it would be his seventh and eighth children — from eight different mothers.

[Image via Rap-Up]