Watch How This Pit Bull Reacts To His Rescuer! [Video]

A video has been circulating social media of a rescued pit bull being exposed to his rescuer after medical treatment.

The pit bull, named Mojo, seems slightly nervous at first, but then realizes who is standing at the end of the exam table. Immediately, the pit bull can be seen getting excited and jumping all over him, trying to play and giving him kisses.

Joey Wagner is the man in the video. He’s an animal rescuer and owner of Baie Ste. Marie Animal Society in Nova Scotia, Canada. Wagner found the pit bull in a dire situation. The pit puppy had severe mange and was in a situation where he was supposed to be trained as a fighting dog.

It is clear that Joey Wagner saved the pit from a lifetime of abuse, bad health, and an early death. Wagner didn’t just steal the dog, though. Proper protocol was used to remove the pit bull from his situation.

An update from 2013 on Mojo’s Facebook page, Hope For Mojo, explained.

“When Mojo was picked up by Joey Wagner it was after previous calls and protocol was followed. Unfortunately as we all know the laws are not suitable to prevent these cases and they do have to change. In the meantime there is a very specific protocol that must be followed so that no laws are broken. The LAST thing anyone wants is for an animal to be returned to an abusive environment because it was not seized properly.”

Many people don’t realize that the video isn’t new.

Mojo as the face of Joey Wagner's animal shelter.

Mojo the pit bull was rescued over a year ago, and has since been adopted by Wagner. In his new life, the pit bull has become the center of an anti-animal abuse campaign and the face of Baie Ste. Marie Animal Society.

The tiny rescued pit bull in that video is now roughly 2-years-old and has grown to his full size. Pictures fill the pit’s Facebook page showing his life since he was rescued. Many of the updates are from his point of view.

Mojo in May of 2014

It’s great to see a happy ending for any pit bull. As The Inquisitr has reported, there’s a significantly high kill rate for pit bulls in shelters. If Joey Wagner hadn’t adopted Mojo, there’s no saying where he would be now.

As the face of Wagner’s animal shelter, Mojo has set a great tone for pit bulls in general.

Mojo in August of 2014

[ Images courtesy of Hope For Mojo ]