Armed Suspect Shuts Down Phoenix Airport [Breaking]

A suspect in a shooting in Phoenix fled to Phoenix's Skyharbor International Airport, forcing authorities to shut down one of the busiest terminals as they search for the man.

According to ABC News 15 in Phoenix, the suspect is described as a black man with dreadlocks and was wearing a red t-shirt, though photos show that he may have removed that shirt. The alleged shooter and another suspect, who has already been captured, allegedly committed the crime in nearby Tempe.

Terminal 4 has been cordoned off, and all traffic has been stopped as Tempe Police and SWAT units continue the search in conjunction with the Skyharbor police force.

After shooting three people, the suspects fled to the airport and bailed from their vehicle. Police quickly apprehended one suspect, a female, then chased the other two, both men, to Skyharbor. The shooting occurred at a gas station at Price and Broadway at around 2:45 p.m.

The search is delaying flights out of the airport and stranding passengers, as reported by Right Now, a world news site. Fox 10 News is reporting that airport authorities are bussing passengers to a secure location, and passengers who have landed are being held in their planes on the runway until the situation is resolved.

Skyharbor International Airport in Phoenix is made up of four terminals interconnected by walkways. While the suspect could have entered Terminal 4, he could have quickly made his way to another terminal before authorities could respond. Skyharbor was recently in the news, as reported by The Inquisitr, when passengers on a flight from Tampa to Phoenix helped save a baby that had stopped breathing.

The search is ongoing and this story will be updated as information is released.