Sully The Saint Bernard: Needy Pooch Has Daddy Right Where He Wants Him [Video]

Sully the Saint Bernard is the latest dog around these parts to be guilty of giving “lovies” to Dad.

In a YouTube video posted in February of this year, the owners, who were not named in the clip notes, marvel at just how much this good-natured pup thinks of his father.

Sully’s mom captures the huge dog pinning Dad down and then not letting him up. If this were a professional wrestling match, Sully would have scored not a 1-2-3 count, but a 1-to-76 count, which is exactly how long this video is.

If you want a smile on your face for the rest of the day, or maybe you miss your great big puppy while you’re at work and need a little extra spark until you get home, we invite you to have a look.

The clip went viral after making it onto the front page of Yahoo! earlier today, and has since climbed to more than 350,000 views with 655 likes and only 3 dislikes.

(What is wrong with you three people?)

Users are equally in love with Sully the Saint Bernard in the comments section of his video.

“One of the best feelings in the world is when a dog is happy to see you… which is why this man should feel pretty darn good right about now. How beautiful and hilarious is this?!” said one commenter.

“Those are some professional level cuddles right there,” said another.

Some commenters were blown away by the sheer size of Sully, stating, “I love when big dogs are total teddy bears and love to cuddle,” and “Guys how much does this dog weigh?”

Apparently, video can be deceiving when it comes to adding weight to an animal because, according to the owner, who goes by the name of mallemay s on YouTube, Sully is a bit small for this breed of dog.

“Sully is a little on the small side for a saint bernard and weighs about 160 lbs – another saint bernard from his dad weighed 230 lbs! but they tend to range between 160-200 lbs,” the owner responded.

We’re not sure how the male owner was able to pry himself out from underneath Sully, but God help him if this pup would have been on the larger side.

What do you think about Sully the Saint Bernard, readers? And what are some things that your big dogs have done to show you they’re happy to see you? Share your thoughts in our comments section.