Charles Barkley Hopes Courageous Owner Gives Ray Rice Another Chance

Charles Barkley realizes that the NFL, and Ray Rice in particular, did a terrible thing. Nevertheless, the former basketball star hopes that the Rice’s career isn’t dead forever, and he gets a second chance. In an interview on CBS’ The NFL Today, Barkley elaborated on his views on both the Rice domestic abuse scandal and Adrian Peterson allegedly physically abusing his children.

The public condemned Ray Rice after the video of him hitting his fiancee in an elevator and dragging her unconscious body outside was released. The scandal brought Rice’s career to an instant death, and the NFL will be mired in controversy for some time to come. But as Charles Barkley explains, it’s not all bad.

“The NFL obviously fumbled the entire Ray Rice situation, but we are bringing awareness to domestic abuse. That’s a good thing. Most men, would not ever try to get any type of mental help if they felt like they needed it.”

Charles Barkley is right; the NFL scandal has brought a firestorm of media attention to domestic abuse. A number of media outlets and psychological experts have started to call it a rising problem, and said the NFL needs to take a leading role in fighting the problem. Currently, there are four NFL players facing legal penalties for violent crime. Ray Rice; Adrian Peterson of the Vikings for injuring his four-year-old son; Greg Hardy of the Panthers for assaulting his girlfriend; and Ray McDonald of the 49ers also for assaulting his girlfriend.

The most controversial topic in the Rice scandal is whether he can be forgiven and allowed to come back to the NFL. Charles Barkley says yes.

“Listen, you can’t hit a woman. I feel bad that that tape was ever shown. Ray Rice made a tragic mistake and he has to live with that. But I do hope some owner has the courage — and it’s going to take tremendous courage — to give Ray Rice another chance.”

Ray Rice is a two-time Pro Bowl player and Super Bowl champion, so there is a good chance that Charles Barkley’s hope will be realized. In fact, the NFL nearly preemptively forgave Rice. When the domestic abuse allegations first surfaced, the league gave Rice a mere two-game suspension. After public outrage and the release of the second tape showing the punch, the NFL decided to suspend the player indefinitely.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Charles Barkley had some more lenient comments for Adrian Peterson, who allegedly injured his 4-year-old son. As Barkley explains, whipping kids is a common thing in the South.

“We all grow up in different environments. Every black parent in my neighborhood in the South would be in trouble or in jail under those circumstances.”

One thing is clear from the interview: Charles Barkley has no fear of taking on the big issues, though time will tell if the NFL has the same courage.

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