Nancy Grace Says Twins’ Fight For Life Inspired Her DWTS Performance

When you think about a soft, motherly personality, Nancy Grace may not be the first person to spring to mind.

Grace, a former prosecutor, can be fiery and full of rage on her CNN show- Bill Maher got a lot of laughs on his own show recently when he quipped:

“Nancy Grace has to prove she was somewhere else the day of the murder. Any murder. I’m not saying she did it. I’m just saying who is always around and clearly capable of cold blooded murder without remorse? …I think most Americans are relieved to see Nancy Grace on TV, because it means she’s not hiding in the back seat of our car with piano wire and those cold black eyes.”

But Grace is mother to two toddlers, twins that suffered complications when they were born four years ago. And as Grace performed this week on Dancing With the Stars with dance partner Tristan McManus (the theme being “The Most Memorable Year of My Life,”) the newswoman said she looked back at her kids’ struggle for inspiration.

Grace danced to the song “Moon River,” and explains that the tune was one she sang to the babies when they were small. Grace said she does not often dwell on that period because it was so rough, but she recalled:

“I very rarely look back on those times because they were so difficult… It was really touch and go for a long time trying to keep Lucy alive. The joyful part is I looked over at them tonight … and it all seems like kind of an odyssey we went through.”

Grace continued:

“It’s only … been the last year and a half I could … walk correctly after the delivery. This is a huge, huge stride forward for me. I really owe the dance tonight to Tristan because he knows the twins, and they love him, and he choreographed the entire thing to tell the story.”

Have you been impressed by Grace’s rug-cutting abilities thus far?