Kim Richards Talks Sobriety: She Wants To Help Addicts

Kim Richards has been one of the most vulnerable women on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills over the years. With Adrienne Maloof’s bickering and Taylor Armstrong’s abusive marriage playing out in front of her, Kim was keeping a big secret to herself. Richards had struggled with alcohol and prescription drugs, something that her sister Kyle Richards had announced on camera.

Kim Richards has heartbroken, as her odd behavior was shown to the world. She admits that her children struggled with her behavior. When Brandi Glanville accused Kim of doing crystal meth in the bathroom during the infamous “game night,” Kim’s children really took offense and distanced themselves from Brandi.

According to a new Bravo report, Kim Richards is now revealing that she continues to stay sober. She has been very open about her struggles. Richards has inspired many viewers who had no idea that she was dealing with such a big problem. But getting sober was the best thing for her. As Kim herself has said, getting sober saved her life.

“I wake up everyday and thank God for this amazing life,” Kim has revealed, adding, “I’m still sober, and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

Many viewers questioned Kim’s decision to head back to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but filming with her sister has given Richards strength. Kim has been working on giving back and she wants to help those who may be in need of a support system.

“One project I’m working on is reaching out to recovery centers and working with addicts,” Kim reveals.

Kim Richards has been filming this current season of the show, which will air later this year. According to The Inquisitr, her name recently surfaced in various reports that claimed that Brandi Glanville had punched and kicked Richards. Brandi denied it, and it was later revealed that Glanville was just trying to protect her.

“Kyle and Kim [Richards, Kyle’s sister] got into a huge fight at a party. Brandi saw what was happening and went over to make sure Kim was OK,” a source has revealed, adding, “Kyle then went after Brandi and started yelling and getting in her face. Kyle pushed Brandi and scratched her arm!”

Are you thrilled that Kim Richards is sober and wants to help others struggling with drugs and alcohol?

[Image via Stoopid Housewives]