Australian Government Offering Sex Lessons With Taxpayer Funds

Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott has kicked off a government sex lesson scheme in an effort to “build intimacy,” and the taxpayers are funding it. A series of group sessions focused on “sex and desire” are designed to help couples improve intimacy and ultimately learn how to ask for more of what they want in the bedroom. Each course lasts five hours and is managed by educators who are experts in the field. During the early sessions, the Australian government reported that women complain about quality and frequency of sex much more than men.

Dubbed “Relationships Australia,” the program focuses more on intimacy than “just sex,” and according to one educator, Grant Pearson, men feel like they’re facing a lot of pressure to perform in the bedroom.

Pearson says, “We are finding a lot more women demanding sex and men being put under pressure. Women feel far more entitled, I think the men are reacting like anyone would.” Pearson added that the backers of the program are surprised by the,”He isn’t giving me enough sex” complaints that are pouring in.

Program reveals lessons in frequency

According to Pearson, when men do the dishes, it really is a great way to increase the odds of romance blossoming.

“It’s when that stuff doesn’t happen when there’s a problem,” he says. “It’s not people are holding it back to be vengeful, they just don’t feel like it.”

Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews enjoyed a past career as a marriage educator, and says that he’s unsurprised to find that frequency and quality are top concerns for couples.

For women, says Andrews, intimacy is a precursor to sex, but for men, it’s the other way around — and this program has confirmed it.

“Relationship educators often report that couples have different expectations about intimacy and sex. Education and counseling programs enable couples to talk about and clarify their expectations.”

The ultimate goal of the program is to help Australians foster more stable and stronger bonds.

Let’s talk about sex

Andrews says that the ultimate goal is to aid in helping people “discuss differences about a range of issues, including finances, communication and parenting, that can undermine relationships.”

“Relationships Australia” boasts a number of programs, with “Sex and Desire — Group Program” being unfortunately named, but a tool in helping to bolster a “safe and confidential environment” for Aussies in romantic relationships. By helping those in romantic relationships explore their desires, it can directly change how a relationship evolves when couples “learn how to identify and communicate sexual desires and be open to those of your partner.”

The government-backed program is open to all couples in a relationship regardless of sexual orientation. However, it’s noted that no couple will ever be asked to divulge information about their sexual life if they choose not to. Instead, it’s promised that “in a safe and confidential environment, learn techniques and develop skills for dealing with difference in sexual desire.”

Criticism abounds

A number of critics have stepped forward to complain that the program isn’t in keeping with a current program operated by the Catholic church. While the Catholic church isn’t part of a government program, their program is similar but not available to same sex couples. There are also some providers under the government scheme requesting a co-payment equal to about $50, which cancels out the promise of a “free” counseling session compliments of the $200 voucher.

However, by far the response to the program has been positive, and already Australians are posting on social media about the best tips they received from the program. Topping the list is maintaining a positive mindset about the relationship and your partner, actively seeking out intimacy opportunities, revering “I statements” when talking about feelings, and digging deeper post-argument to find out what the real trouble may be.