Prince Harry, Cressida Bonas Dating Again: Camilla Thurlow Furious

Prince Harry has been spotted once again with his ex-girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, which has instantly caused rumors that they’ve reconciled to start to swirl, even though the Royal was last thought to be dating Camila Thurlow.

Harry, who recently turned 30-years-old, appears to have gotten himself involved in an old-fashioned love-triangle that is all of his own making. The former dance student was believed to have brought their relationship to an end back in April, which then saw Harry embark on a series of dates with Thurlow.

However, it has now been reported that Harry celebrated turning 30-years-old in a low-key fashion alongside Bonas, and the duo simply went to the cinema in London to mark the occasion. What did they see? Well, it turns out that they pair watched a quintessential romantic-comedy in the shape of Sex Tape, the Jason Segal, Cameron Diaz romp that sees the two actors record a sex-tape that they then lose and try to get back.

Various eyewitnesses have told the Express that Bonas and Harry tried “to blend in” with other cinema-goers as they attempted to enjoy the film in peace. However, this facade was then broken when they jumped into a car that was being driven by various bodyguards.

Harry has allegedly been desperate to get back together with Cressida ever since she brought their courtship to an end because she couldn’t handle the spotlight of being with him. This isn’t the first time that Harry and Cressida have been seen together though over the last few days too. In fact, just on Sunday, Cressida was photographed at the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games, which is an event that Harry has passionately been involved in from the very start.

Cressida’s appearance instantly caused various bookmakers in the United Kingdom to reduce their odds on whether she had reconciled with Harry. Harry is believed to have finally held a soiree for his 30th birthday on Wednesday night, after he had been forced to cancel his original party because of his sister-in-law’s chronic morning sickness, which has left her in an almighty amount of pain. Once again, Cressida was in attendance at the shin-dig, which saw pop-star Ellie Goulding sing a set.

The world is now left wondering what has become of Harry’s relationship with Thurlow. Unfortunately, it looks bleak for her as Harry has previously made it clear, according to sources, that he would do anything to get back together with Cressida – and now that she has revealed she is open to a reunion, he is allegedly jumping at the opportunity.

[Image via Celebitchy]