'Orange Is The New Black' Gets 'Golden Girls' Remix Video

How can you tell Orange is the New Black has made the big time? Because the Netflix original program is all over the web despite the fact there isn't any real news about the show itself. The newest little tidbit comes from YouTube user Robert Jones who has put the intro to Orange is the New Black to the theme song from the popular sitcom Golden Girls.

As anyone who has watched television over the last 20 years can attest, Golden Girls has nothing to do with a women's prison which makes the remix that much more delicious. There's just something quite hilarious about seeing the stars of Orange is the New Black up to their rather raunchy hijinks all to the strains of "Thank you for being a friend..."

With the Golden Girls theme playing in the background, the Netflix show, which can only be described as a dark comedy, starts to look quite slapstick. The song illustrates quite nicely just how powerful a different chord here and there in title credits can make a show. Suddenly, fans of the show are imagining Sophia causing quite a bit of havoc, instead of or alongside Red.

Would Piper and Blanche decide they needed the comfort of the female form in order to get through the cold and terrifying nights in prison? Who would protect poor simple minded Rose? Would Crazy Eyes have decided she and the Golden Girls character were soulmates who needed to make another chocolate and vanilla swirl? The mind races, thanks once again to the Internet and the crazy things people will do on the web.

In other Orange is the New Black news, one of its rising stars and a writer for the show seem to be showing truth is exactly as strange as fiction. Samira Wiley, who plays Poussey on the show, has started dating writer Lauren Morelli, who just recently divorced her husband. This tidbit comes just months after a season where Poussey was trying hard to find the love of her life and had to deal with women who weren't ready to come out of the closet just yet.

Morelli wrote about the weirdness she felt when she was in the writer's room of Orange is the New Black and was talking about actresses she would be willing to sleep with. The weirdness being compounded by the fact she just recently married. That sounds like a plotline the Golden Girls would likely have stayed far away from in their scripts.