Amy Winehouse Narrowly Avoids Lawsuit After Accosting Tourist

Doesn't Amy Winehouse have enough problems? The singer and hospital regular has been soaking up the sun in St. Lucia, but she's not entirely relaxed at her oceanside resort. The Sun reports that Amy escaped potential assault charges after "flying into a rage during dinner" while on vacation in the Caribbean.

Witnesses say that Amy misunderstood a conversation and threw a glass of water on a woman -- after repeatedly angering resort managers with her behavior since she arrived. It sounds like it takes much more than a vacation (an extended one, at that) to keep her level-headed!

One source at the resort claimed that "She walks around in the same grimy bikini bottoms each day with her boobs on show, gets drunk, gropes waiters and is rude to male staff. She's hardly the most popular guest."

Amy's spokesperson has quite the job cut out for her no matter where Amy is in the world. She claimed that "Amy misunderstood a conversation and wrongly believed a slight was made. The matter has been resolved."