WWE News: ‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell Wants To Host WWE Monday Night RAW

WWE is known for having celebrities on their programs often, at one point WWE had a host for their top show WWE RAW on a weekly basis. It is a rarity that WWE gets sought out by celebs because WWE mainly does the contacting. They’ll bring in people who barely know what WWE is much less know about the program. It is cool when they do bring people in who know about it, as they are very eager to be involved in segments and even matches.

It seems that a new celeb has shown his wrestling love in Stephen Amell. Amell is the star of the popular CW series Arrow that is the story of DC Comics’ Green Arrow. He plays Oliver Queen, a rich man who disappeared for 5 years after a boat wreck and ended up on an island where many horrific things happened to him. There he learned how to fight and survive. He was later able to get back to his home at Starling City and was there for one purpose originally, to set all the wrongs right that were done by his family.

After setting getting his family back on track Queen had to move onto other enemies and a whole new line-up of evil showed up in the city. Seriously, how much could possibly go wrong in one place? Rough town.

The show has gotten massively popular and actually does numbers on par or better than WWE RAW every Wednesday on The CW. Amell has expressed in the past that he was a big wrestling fan, admitting that he was a huge Hulk Hogan fan as a kid. He said he was in Toronto for WrestleMania the night Hogan lost. He admitted crying seeing his hero lose. Similar story to a certain Rated R Superstar.

It is uncertain is he follows the product today as much as he did in the past, but he shocked a lot of people when he expressed interest in being on RAW, saying via his official Facebook page

“Hey WWE: How do I host Monday Night Raw? I’ll wrestle and everything.


Fans of his have hit up WWE’s social media hard to bring the Arrow to RAW. This would be good for WWE, as it is a perfect time for him to come in and promote the show as Arrow comes back for it’s third season October 8th. Most feel that Amell would do a great job with WWE, as he is a fan and it seems that he is willing to do whatever they want.

What people should know about Amell is that the stuff he does on Arrow is not all stunt men and wires, he is actually trained in parkour and a lot of what you see on TV is him.

Amell may not get a chance to wrestle on RAW as The CW might not allow him to despite his desire to do it. However, if they did he could be really fun to watch. He is a legit athlete, as you can see above. So clearly he would be cool to see on the show. I’m sure WWE could find some way to use him that would be fun for their audience.

Anyone who is a fan of his would tune in to RAW that Monday Night. Again, Arrow pulls in terrific ratings. That being said, those fans will travel if you will. WWE would benefit from having him as much as he would benefit from being on the show.

Many wrestling websites as well as entertainment sites have reported Amell’s interest in being on RAW. That being said, WWE has to hear about this eventually. If they will send a random invite to a football player who had no intention to ever show up to the show for RAW, why not bring in a guy who is actually a fan of the WWE? Especially someone that a lot of people like? Get on it WWE.

[IMG Credits: fanpop.com, justwired]