It’s Sad When Dogs Get Sad, But This ‘Sad Dog Diary’ Video Will Make You Happy

Everyone has seen a sad dog at some point and let’s face it, a sad dog is one of the saddest sights you’ll ever see. But now, it’s okay to laugh at sad dogs, at least the pouting pooches in this hilarious video, put together by internet comedian Ze Frank.

Frank as made a whole career out of creating clever and funny online videos, and he now oversees the video operation at BuzzFeed. You may already know his work from the instant classic “Dear Kitten” video that went viral a few months ago. If you’ve never seen “Dear Kitten,” do yourself a favor and check it out at this link.

By the way, while some skeptics doubt that dogs experience human-like emotions, such as sadness, doggy depression is, sadly, a very real phenomenon.

“Dogs will become withdrawn. They become inactive. Their eating and sleeping habits often change. They don’t participate in the things they once enjoyed,” says animal behavior expert John Ciribassi.

Among the most common causes of depression in dogs are changes in a dog’s environment — dogs like to feel safe in their surroundings and moving to a new place can be a doggy downer — and the loss of a human or animal companion.

While researchers cannot know for sure if dogs actually grieve the death of a person or fellow dog for the simple reason that it’s impossible to ask, dogs show signs of grieving behavior. They may simply be picking up on the grief of others, but that makes their sadness no less real.

But there’s no need to feel sad about the dogs in this “Sad Dog Diary.” So watch the video and have a chuckle at the expense of these silly, sad dogs.