Chelsea Clinton Decorates Nursery In Elephants, Not Donkeys

Chelsea Clinton is decorating her nursery with elephants. Shouldn’t that be donkeys? The only child of Bill and Hillary Clinton must be quite familiar with the difference between donkeys and elephants from a political party viewpoint. So there must be a good reason why the lifelong democrat is busily decorating her baby’s digs with the symbol of the G.O.P.

It turns out that Chelsea Clinton has a passion for elephant conservation, and that is the reason behind her decision to procure a pair of felt pachyderms for her baby’s nursery. Jen Lee Koss was Clinton’s roommate at Oxford. Now she is the co-founder of BRIKA, an online retailer. Clinton and Koss have put their heads together to create a charming line of gifts with an elephant theme, according to People. Sales of the elephant-themed items will go to a worthy cause and benefit groups that work hard to halt the international poaching of African elephants slaughtered for their ivory tusks.

Chelsea Clinton spoke about the adorable elephant-themed goods with Refinery29, and she even pointed out which items in particular might make it into her baby’s collection. Personal friends and close family members could also find themselves on the receiving end of an elephant gift under the Christmas tree this year, if they’re lucky.

“We’re very baby-oriented right now, so we’ll definitely be buying a felt elephant or two. I think those will look great in our nursery. And, it’s safe to say that as last year, this year too, a lot of our friends will be getting elephant-themed Christmas presents.”

The aforementioned felt baby elephants cost $27 each. For those with a bit more disposable income, there’s also an original elephant watercolor painting for $1,200.

Donkeys have been associated with members of the Democratic Party dating all the way back to 1828 when opponents of presidential candidate Andrew Jackson labelled him a “jackass.” Oddly enough, Jackson actually liked the unflattering comparison. Then in 1870, cartoonist Thomas Nast introduced the donkey as a symbol of the anti-Civil War movement. Ten years later, the jackass was adopted as the unofficial symbol of the Democratic Party. Another Nast cartoon inked around the same time was responsible for the association of elephants with the Republican Party. Kudos to Chelsea Clinton for opening her arms to the symbol of the Republican Party.

This isn’t the glowing mom-to-be’s first effort at saving the elephants. Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton announced the commitment Partnership to Save the Elephants at the 2013 CGI Annual Meeting.

[Image via Vogue]