Mathew Knowles: Beyonce's Dad Fathered A 2nd Love Child, Claims Paternity Test

Results of a test reveal Beyonce's dad, Mathew Knowles, has another love child that Bey and Solange knew nothing about. If the results of a DNA test are true, Bey has another sibling, and Jay Z, a new sister-in-law (hint). Fasten your seat belts, there's likely to be some turbulence along the way in explaining this latest paternal bombshell.

A new rundown says Mathew's baby mama, TaQoya Branscomb, has confirmed results of a paternity test that shows Beyonce's dad has a 99.9 percent chance of being the father of the woman's baby, according to the folks at TMZ.

The former lingerie model came forward in July and shook things up in Beyonce's family with a paternity lawsuit, which claimed Mathew Knowles is the father of her daughter.

Branscomb, 30, from Houston, Texas, filed legal documents that said she had a sexual affair with Knowles in 2010, and became pregnant with his child. Before this latest revelation, another woman, Alexsandra Wright, said Knowles fathered a love child.

Tina Knowles filed to divorce her husband of 31 years shortly after the infidelity claims went public. A judge ordered child support of $12,000 per month for Wright's child, but when Beyonce fired her father, it was reduced to a mere $2,485.

Matthew Knowles and Beyonce
Beyonce and Mathew Knowles in happy days.

The Knowles family have been icons of the musical landscape ever since Beyonce's days with Destiny's Child. The parents were deeply involved in their daughter's rise to stardom; Tina was the brilliant mind behind her daughter's fashion, and Matthew Knowles doubled as Bey's manager.

That all came to a screeching halt when the family realized they were betrayed by Mathew Knowles. Since then, Beyonce has been mired by controversy of her own.

For the better part of 2014, she and Jay Z have been fending off rumors of divorce. Almost daily for several months, new gossip surfaced on social media and tabloids of Jigga's rumored infidelity.

Obviously, having battled the heartaches of Mathew allegedly being a "rolling stone," later confirmed by his own admission, Beyonce was likely not trying to hear any of it. And things erupted further with the infamous elevator fight between Jay Z and Solange, which many say was due in part by the rap mogul's alleged affair.

The A-Listers responded with a show of solidarity by posting a string of loving photos on Instagram and Tumblr. Now, Bey is rumored to be pregnant with her second child, suggesting a possible reconciliation with her husband. Moreover, she is clouded by recurring claims of lip-syncing and thigh-gap Photoshopping. Make it stop!

And with the results of a paternity test claiming Mathew Knowles has a second love child, another round of turbulence is in the cards... or not.

[Image via: AOL screengrab, Tumblr]