Jane Fonda Stays Sexy, Stunning And Successful At 76: Sensual Secrets Of Silicone Breasts

Jane Fonda is happy to share the secrets to her sexy silhouette at 76. Celebrating what she calls her “third act,” the actress wants the world to know that sexuality and success do not cease at a specific age, even if you’re in the age-obsessed entertainment field. Jane Fonda talked with Access Hollywood on Sept. 16 about her hot new film and the secrets of the enormous silicone breasts that she wore for the role.

The new film, titled This Is Where I Leave You, features Jane Fonda at her most slinky and sensual. And to play the part of the dominating mother who decides to get a boob job, Jane happily slipped into a pair of beast-sized breasts. The cheesy chest was made of memory foam, and Jane enjoyed every moment.

“I wish I had t**s like that for real! Took hours to put them on — they were made of silicone. People treat you different when you are like that. It was fun.”

And “fun” also applies to how Jane Fonda lives her very full life. With the zest of a teenager, she played with her plastic boobs, telling E News on Sept. 16 that she flashed complete strangers.

“On the way to work, I’d cross the street and kind of, you know,” Jane Fonda said, pretending to open up a trench coat. “You feel like you got clothes on although it looks like you’re naked.”

Imagining how those strangers later recounted the story, Jane joked, “They didn’t know who I was. They’d say, ‘Some gal with big t**s just flashed me in the middle of the street.'”

Enamored with her silicone breasts, Jane Fonda elaborated on her fantasy for her future. “The studio is considering doing a sequel with just my t**s.”

Was she surprised to find that she had to wear the falsies? Not at all. The script mentioned that the monumental matriarch of the family decides to have plastic surgery, explained Jane Fonda.

“She’s going out on the road to promote the 25th anniversary of her very famous book and she wants a little ‘refresher’ and she kind of overdoes it, much to the chagrin of her children.”

But just how does the actress stay in such enviable shape at 76? As the Inquisitr reported, Jane Fonda is a fiend for fitness.

“I believe in fitness,” Jane Fonda said firmly. “Whether you’re young, whether you’re old, whether you’ve been exercising or just starting. It’s important. Maybe the most important thing in having a successful, long life.”

And she also uses exercise to ease emotional pain. When her second husband, Tom Hayden, informed her that he loved another woman on her 51st birthday, Jane Fonda hopped on her exercise bicycle and rode for five hours.

“The physical pain is nothing compared to what I am feeling emotionally. I’m breaking apart,” said Jane Fonda to Newsweek at the time.

But like a Phoenix, Jane Fonda rose and reclaimed her life, focusing on what she needed to do to stay healthy, happy and hopeful. Appearing recently on Katie Couric’s talk show, the actress talked about her diet.

“I eat by color. I try to eat several portions of fruit every day and I try to eat enough protein and fresh vegetables,” Jane Fonda revealed.

Her exercise program has changed as she has become older and wiser. Rather than the high impact aerobics for which Jane Fonda initially acquired fitness fame, she now does yoga and low impact cardio. She has even released several fitness DVDs, with titles symbolizing how she feels about her “third act,” such as Jane Fonda Prime Time: Firm & Burn Low Impact Cardio and Jane Fonda: Prime Time – Fit & Strong.

[Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images]