ISIS Militants In Australia Planned To Behead Random Member Of Public On Camera In Sydney

According to a new report today, Australian ISIS militants planned to carry out a beheading in Sydney by targeting a random member of the public and chipping their head off in broad daylight, on camera.

Fox News reported that the Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbot, said that thanks to solid intelligence, which led to the arrests of a number of terror suspects on Thursday morning, the beheading was one of a number of attacks the militants planned to carry out on Australian homeland.

In an alarming response to the ISIS terror threat, Australia, for the first time ever, raised its terror alert level to “high.”

According to the Guardian, around 800 counter-terrorism police and Australian Security and Intelligence Organization (ASIO) officers swooped in on homes early this morning, while a number of those arrested are believed to have links to ISIS.

The authorities in Australia feel that the greatest point of concern is from members or sympathizers of ISIS who are Australian citizens that went to fight with ISIS in Syria and Iraq. When those fighters return, it is feared they may carry out terror attacks.

Young Australian Muslims are being recruited in the Mosques of Australia at the hands of clerics like, Robert “Musa” Cerantonio, who is one of the most prominent cheerleaders for ISIS, calling openly for Australians to wage Jihad.

The Australian Broadcasting Corp. reported on Thursday that among the more than 20 men arrested in Sydney, a plan was being hatched to snatch a random member of the Australian public and behead him on camera with an ISIS flag in the background.

Prime Minister Abbott said of the intel which led to the arrests of ISIS suspects, “The exhortations, quite direct exhortations, were coming from an Australian who is apparently quite senior in ISIL [another term for ISIS – ed.] to networks of support back in Australia to conduct demonstration killings here in this country.”

While Australia isn’t the only country to be handling a real terror threat at the hands of ISIS, the fact that the terror level there is now on high may possibly be a sign of things to come.