Niall Horan Appears To Kiss A Guy In Vine Video, Responds To Gay Rumors

Niall Horan isn’t usually the member of One Direction who has to respond to gay rumors, but the singer had something to say after excited Directioners started passing around a Vine video that appears to show Niall kissing a guy.

According to Yahoo! Celebrity UK, it sort of looks like Niall Horan is locking lips with a Harry Styles look-alike in the video. However, Harry wasn’t hanging with Horan at the Las Vegas club where the video was taken — twenty-year-old Styles wasn’t old enough to get into the venues where Niall celebrated his 21st birthday.

Queerty reports that the man in the video is actually One Direction songwriter Julian Bunetta, who is pictured below.

Bunetta was one of the many members of the 1D crew who helped Horan celebrate becoming the legal drinking age in America (he’s been able to enjoy pints in England and Ireland for years). Zayn Malik and Liam Payne joined their bandmate in Sin City, but 22-year-old Louis Tomlinson missed out on the festivities for an unknown reason.

In the “kissing video,” Niall has his arm around Julian’s shoulders, and Julian has his arm around Niall’s waist. The guys lean in really close together, making it appear as though they’re kissing. However, it’s possible that Bunetta and Horan were just placing their faces close together because they couldn’t hear each other over the music and the crowd. It’s hard to tell exactly what is going on because it’s dark inside the club and the Vine video is a bit blurry.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Harry Styles recently warned Americans to stay away from a drunken Niall Horan while he celebrates his 21st birthday. Perhaps Styles wasn’t saying this because Horan is a mean drunk — maybe Niall is one of those people who get super-affectionate whenever they drink too much.

Some Directioners quickly started making assumptions based on the Vine video, including the fan who posted it. The Directioner implied that the footage is proof that Niall Horan is gay.

“nIALL HORAN KISSING A GUY I kNEW IT,” the caption read. Other Directioners had plenty to say about the video on Twitter.

@NiallOfficial did u kiss a guy you had the reputation of being the only straight guy in the band and u broke it — savannah!!,,, (@1973njhs) September 16, 2014

Niall also had something to say — he brushed off the gay rumors with a good-natured tweet.

Ed Sheeran recently hinted that Horan is such a womanizer that he broke the bro code by sleeping with Sheeran’s ex-girlfriend, and Julian Bunetta used Instagram to let the world know that he’s in love with a beautiful blonde girl. It’s possible that Niall and Julian are both bisexual, but it seems more likely that the guys were just gabbing and sharing a friendly bro hug in the Vine video above.

What do you think of the video? Did Niall Horan swap spit with his friend, or did the happy drunken singer simply say something to Julian?

[Image credit: Niall Horan/Twitter]