Windows 7 Beta Download: How to Get It and Should You Upgrade

Looking for Microsoft’s Windows 7 beta download? The first official public release of the new Windows 7 system is now available as of Friday, January 9.

Windows 7 Beta Download: Where to Find It

The Microsoft Windows 7 beta download can be found here. If you’re thinking about downloading it, you might want to do so sooner than later — the beta is being offered only to the first 2.5 million users who snag the file.

As with any beta software, the standard disclaimers apply: Windows 7 beta is meant only for advanced computer users who are willing and able to look for bugs and help provide feedback on any issues that arise. Microsoft recommends you use it only on a secondary computer dedicated to testing the software. There is also no direct technical support available, and you may encounter some compatibility issues with older hardware and software.

Windows 7 Beta: Should I Upgrade?

So given all of that, is it worth the upgrade to Windows 7 beta? It’s still early to have any solid impressions or definitive answers, but we’ve culled a few worthwhile opinions on both sides from around the Web. Check out these views and decide for yourself.

Reason’s to Skip Microsoft’s Windows 7 Beta Download — ZDNet’s Sam Diaz
Diaz lists a host of negatives he found about the Windows 7 beta, including some XP driver issues and its limited shelflife. (The software expires in August.)

Windows 7 Public Beta: First Impressions — PC World’s Robert Strohmeyer
Strohmeyer presents a thorough breakdown of the good and the bad following his first day impressions of using the Windows 7 beta software.

What You Should Expect From The Windows 7 Beta — The How-To Geek
“The Geek” gives a great detailed rundown of the changes in the new Windows version.

Get Windows 7’s Best Features Right Now — LifeHacker’s Gina Trapani
Trapani looks at some of her picks for Windows 7’s best features and shows you ways to get them within Windows XP or Vista using a combination of settings tweaks and third-party apps.

Any reviews or early impressions of your own? Share them with us below.