Mel B: ‘Spice Girls Fought Like Cats And Dogs’

Remember when the Spice Girls broke up? It was a terrible day for tweens all over. Well, now we’re finally getting insider information on what led to the popular girl group’s split. According to Mel B., aka Scary Spice, it sounds like the perfect background story for an E! True Hollywood special, or at the very least one of those Lifetime films.

According to Mel B., who spoke with Larry King, the girls were constantly fighting, and that led to their inevitable break up. Some diehards will remember that Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) left the group suddenly in the middle of their biggest tour — the Spiceworld Tour. A mere two years after that, the girls decided to go on a hiatus. That hiatus, to no one’s surprise, turned into a final break up.

“We fought like cats and dogs,” said Mel B. According to the America’s Got Talent judge, Geri’s departure sped up the process in the Spice Girls’ split. Although the girls have made up since then, Mel admits that at the time Geri’s departure hit deep.

“We had a five-year plan that got shortened after three years. When Geri left the group, it was bad.

“She left on my birthday, and didn’t tell anybody… Just didn’t show up. We had the rest of the tour. The American part of the tour.

“I still remind her of it. Like, I saw her a couple weeks ago and I said, ‘Do you remember when you left on my birthday.'”

According to Mel B. it all came down to the pressure on everyone, and Geri took it hard. “She just felt the pressure too much, so just decided to take a break.”

The most surprising part of her interview is that she goes on to say they never had plans to be a group forever. In fact, early on they knew it was just a stepping stone to launch their own separate careers.

“We always knew Victoria was going into fashion, Mel C was going into music, Emma went into radio, and I wanted to do a bit of everything.”

The Spice Girls briefly reunited for a short tour called Spice Girls: Giving You Everything back in 2007. In 2012 the ladies returned to the stage for the 2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony. The last time the group reunited was in December of that year to premiere Viva Forever: The Musical.

[Image via Wiki Commons]