Idaho Car Crash: SUV Full Of Teens Rolls After Friend Lights Driver’s Armpit Hair On Fire

There are many harmless tricks people can play on unsuspecting drivers. For instance, you can turn everything on so that when a person starts their car, the windshield wipers start and the radio turns up real loud. Fake tickets or rude notes can also be fun, and some have even been known to put their friend’s car up for sale on Autotrader or on Craig’s List.

But light the driver’s armpit hair on fire? While he’s driving down the highway?

According to an Ada County, Idaho, Sheriff tweet, that’s exactly what happened over this past weekend.


The Idaho teen passenger’s poorly thought-out prank resulted in the driver rolling the SUV they were riding in with several other teens, reports KBOI 2.

Three of the teenagers were transported by Paramedics to the hospital following the light-the-driver’s-armpit-hair-on-fire induced crash, but fortunately none of them sustained life-threatening injuries.

According to the the Ada County Sheriff’s Office, the 18-year-old driver was heading down Columbia Road in a Ford Bronco at about 5:30 in the morning, accompanied by four other teens, when the 16-year-old in the front passenger seat apparently came up with the bright idea to light the driver’s armpit hair on fire, using a lighter. The driver’s reaction led to the Bronco’s rolling, the violent crash hurling two teen girls from the vehicle before it came to a rest, right side up, on the side of the road.

Idaho Bronco crash, armpit lit on fire prank
After the armpit-lighting prank went wrong, the Ford Bronco rolled, throwing two teen girls out beofre coming to a rest.

The Ada County Sheriff’s Office cited the driver, Tristian Myers, with inattentive driving, and the 16-year-old that allegedly lit his armpit hair on fire for interfering with the driver’s safe operation of a vehicle, reports Yahoo News.

The 16-year-old’s name wasn’t released and there was also a 17-year old in the front seat who was not cited.

Sheriff’s officials also noted that none of the teenage passengers were wearing their seatbelts, and there were strong indications that Myers was driving the Bronco too fast.

Ada County Sheriff’s spokesman Patrick Orr told the Idaho Statesman, it’s lucky no one died.

The teens also reportedly tried to cover up the cause of the accident, according to the Ada County Sheriff’s press release, Myers at first telling the first responders that he swerved to miss an animal and that’s what led to the crash.

But the impromptu story didn’t hold water for long, deputy interviews with all five teens quickly revealing the swerve-to-miss-the-animal tale was bogus.

“It wasn’t until a short time later, after deputies talked to all the teens, when a different story emerged — that the teens in the front of the car were goofing around prior to the crash,” states the press release.

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