'The Big Bang Theory' Spoilers: A Shamy Vs. Lenny Love-Off, Sheldon's Response To Penny's Haircut [Video]

The Big Bang Theory fans who are rooting for Shamy will be happy to know that Sheldon's train trip isn't going to have a negative effect on his relationship with Amy. In fact, it sounds like Shamy is going to become even stronger after Shelly returns home. Unfortunately, their bond might bother their BFFs.

A recent preview for season 8 of The Big Bang Theory asked the big question that most fans want to know the answer to: Where in the world is Dr. Sheldon Cooper? The teaser also shows Sheldon's reaction to Kaley Cuoco's super-short hairstyle. Unsurprisingly, the change-o-phobic genius isn't impressed with Penny's pixie cut.

It turns out that Shelly is no Carmen San Diego—as The Inquisitr previously reported, the first episode of The Big Bang Theory season 8 will quickly reveal where Sheldon's adventure ends. After getting robbed in Arizona, Sheldon calls Leonard and asks him to come pick him up. Amy is obviously happy that her boyfriend survived the great train robbery, but she's not thrilled that Sheldon called Leonard instead of her. This is going to cause some Shamy tension, but it looks like Sheldon and Amy will quickly move on from his major relationship mistake.

A second preview for the season 8 premiere of The Big Bang Theory ("The Locomotion Interruption") shows Amy comforting Sheldon after he says that he regrets taking the train trip. He claims that he feels no different from when he left, but Amy points out that he actually accomplished something simply by getting on the train -- the "old Sheldon" would never dream of going on an unplanned adventure. However, Dr. Cooper proves that the trip didn't change him all that much by making a Lord of the Rings reference and comparing himself to Gandalf the White.

By episode 2 ("The Junior Professor Solution"), the old Sheldon is back. He's sitting in his old spot, eating takeout with his friends, and talking about Joseph Stalin trying to create super soldiers by having women impregnated by gorillas (true story). Shockingly, no one references Penny becoming a half-gorilla mutant in Serial Ape-ist 2: Monkey See, Monkey Kill.

Judging from the CBS description for this episode, there might not be much Shamy action during "The Junior Professor Solution." Sheldon will be busy reluctantly teaching a class, and Amy is going to spend her spare time taking advantage of the tension between Penny and Bernadette. Apparently the friends find out that they don't enjoy working together after Penny lands a job as a pharmaceutical rep at Bernie's company. This gives Amy an opportunity to play sides.

Episode 3 ("The First Pitch Sufficiency") of The Big Bang Theory is when the real Shamy fun will start. According to Spoiler TV, Sheldon will claim that he and Amy are a "superior couple" to Leonard and Penny. Lenny will set out to prove him wrong, and there's an 80 percent chance this competition will end with a makeshift version of The Newlywed Game. It's a tired TV trope, but fans would love seeing Shamy face off against Lenny.

During this Big Bang Theory episode, Howard will be presented with the opportunity to throw the first pitch at a Los Angeles Angels game. He's not a very athletic guy, so obviously this will cause him some anxiety. However, he can't do worse than rapper 50 Cent.

Kaley Cuoco recently shared an Instagram photo of an outdoor Big Bang Theory rehearsal that was likely for episode 3. Watch for astronaut Mike Massimino to make a guest appearance as himself when the gang goes out to the ballgame.

The Big Bang Theory returns Monday, September 22 at 8:00 p.m. on CBS. Do you think that Shamy will be able to prove that they are the most superior couple by the end of episode 3?

[Image credit: CBS]