Why You Should Use Makeup Brushes — And Which Ones To Buy

Avid makeup users might be surprised to learn that makeup brushes are worth the price. Forget about powder puffs, foam and fingers, makeup brushes are made to last and apply makeup the right way. Some of the higher-end makeup brushes are worth the splurge as well, at least that’s what some Hollywood stylists say.

According to Yahoo News, makeup artist Beau Nelson supports the use of makeup brushes, and his clients include Nina Dobrev, Emmy Rossum and Kristen Stewart.

“High quality makeup brushes are designed to last for years,” said Nelson. “They make application easier and more professional looking.”

But he’s not the only major Hollywood glamor expert who stands behind the high-quality makeup brush. Fiona Stiles, the makeup artist of Elizabeth Banks, Jennifer Garner and Gabrielle Union, also urges consumers to go for the best makeup brushes available.

“Good makeup brushes are like a perfect blazer or black pumps—they’re a staple you’re going to use every day,” said Stiles. “And if you have super sensitive skin like me the soft, tapered hairs of a quality brush will be much more pleasurable to use.”

So what kinds of makeup brushes are essential?

Bustle compiled a list of the best kinds of makeup brushes you can buy for each facial function.

The flat-top Kabuki brush or buffing brush works to apply foundation with liquid or powder and is best applied with a circular motion. Powder brushes are recommended for foundation as well, but can also be used to apply bronzer.

Blush brushes are a necessity for anyone wanting to add some color to the cheeks. Dome-shaped makeup brushes with synthetic bristles are the best and can also be labeled as “contour” brushes.

C or shader brushes are a good purchase for those wanting to add a splash of color to the eyelids, and they provide a gentler feel than other eye shadow applicators.

A makeup brush purely for blending isn’t a bad idea and can be used to even out colors.

“Spoolie” brushes can be used to comb eyebrows or separate eyelashes clumped together by mascara.

An angled liner brush is perfect for filling eyebrows with powder or gel products.

Finally, a stippling makeup brush is useful for blending both blush and bronzer, and it works great for applying cream products evenly.

The only remaining question is which makeup brush brands are the best kinds to buy. Shu Uemura, Hakuhodo, Tom Ford and Make Up For Ever are brands heavily recommended by Beau Nelson, but Stiles is a fan of Hakuhodo and Laura Mercier. If you’re looking for an affordable line of makeup brushes, check out Sonia Kashuk. It’s available at Target.

To see what makeup brushes have the power to do, check out this video of a makeup artist transforming herself into One Direction singers.

[Image courtesy of Magnificent Beauty]