Things You Can’t Say About the Internet Episode 1

It was my great pleasure earlier today to join the first of hopefully many more shows to come, episode one of Things You Can’t Say About the Internet.

Hosting by, the podcast includes Cyndy Aleo-Carreira and Leslie Poston from, Steve Hodson from Winextra and Mashable, as well as yours truly. In the first episode we cover Twitter clones, FriendFeed and democratization of meme tracking, why everyone should have a full feed, and then discuss privacy. It was a lot of fun, and the open, frank and differing opinions offer hopefully a different take on 2.0.

I can’t embed it unfortunately, but head over to here to listen in. Hopefully in future weeks there will be an iTunes subscribe link as well. The show was hosted on Talkshoe, and we’re still working on the timing long term so more people can participate by listening live or via the chat room. Enjoy.