Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Crash: Anonymous Client Offering $30 Million For Information About Crash

Malaysia Airline flight MH17 was taken down in July over Ukraine, and as the investigation into the crash continues, an anonymous client is offering $30 million for evidence of exactly who took down the plane.

Investigators have been able to determine that flight MH17 was shot down on July 17 by what appeared to be an anti-aircraft weapon. The flight crashed in eastern Ukraine in the heart of a conflict between pro-Russia rebels and the Ukrainian government. All 298 passengers on board were killed.

Now the fraud investigation company Wifka, which has been charged with investigating the crash of flight MH17, has a client offering a $30 million reward for information about the crash.

Wifka noted, “After the terrible assassination or “accident” all political parties, at home and abroad, said they owed it to the victims, their families and the public to clarify the circumstances of the crash and present evidence for what happened. None of this has yet been done.”

Wifka wants to know:

– Who shot down MH17 on July 17?
– Who gave the order?
– Who covered up the shoot down? (Also, if it was by accident and not out of political, economic or military motivation)
– Who can provide details on the circumstances that led to the shoot down?
– Who was directly involved with the shoot down?
– What happened to the people who were involved with the shoot down? What happened to the weapon used?
– Who can name the people who cleared the shoot down?

Some in the area say they saw rebels with a BUK, the anti-aircraft weapon that the group had denied possessing.

Other witnesses in the region have indicated that Russian troops may have played a role in shooting down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. One witness told BBC News that the crew operating the missile launcher spoke in Russian accents.

“Well-disciplined, unlike the rebels, and not wearing the standard Ukrainian camouflage uniform sported by government and rebel troops alike,” the witness said. “They had pure Russian accents. They say the letter ‘g’ differently to us.”

More information about the $30 million reward being offered for information on the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 can be found here.