GoDaddy Launches New Ad Campaign — Yes, It’s Still Edgy

GoDaddy is famous for its sexy commercials that push the envelope of what should be allowed on television, often featuring celebrities like Danica Patrick. But now it seems GoDaddy has ditched the sex appeal angle for a more comedic approach to advertising.

A series of new GoDaddy commercials have been released with a common theme, people celebrating their success. Of course, the characters in the commercials only found success by hosting their website on GoDaddy and buying a GoDaddy domain. The focus this time is on small business owners who want to grow their brand using GoDaddy’s online tools.

You can see the first of the new GoDaddy commercials in the video below.

The first GoDaddy commercial is called “Stick It,” for the phrase small business owners will say to those who doubted them once their business takes off. The “Stick It” ad aired on ESPN during “Monday Night Football.”

The second ad has a more lighthearted feel to it, but brings back a bit of the sexuality that GoDaddy is famous for. It features a woman starting her own business who finally gets a customer who isn’t related to her, thanks to GoDaddy. The rest of the commercial shows her and a family of redheads dancing excitably, using aggressive thrusting motions. If you can stomach it, check out the GoDaddy video below.

According to AZ Central, GoDaddy is also focusing on print advertising and social media campaigns this time around.

“These aren’t your run-of-the-mill ‘Hallmark-style,’ warm and fuzzy commercials, our new ads are in-your-face about how hard it can be to make a go of it with your own business and how critical it is to have a reliable, easy-to-use online partner,” said the GoDaddy Chief Marketing Officer, Barb Rechterman. “Our brand has always been edgy, but now we are using our marketing muscle to interact directly with the people we are in here to help, using messages about exactly how GoDaddy can save them time, make leveraging the Internet easier and provide personalized service that is essentially unlike anything else out there for them in the tech space today.”

What do you think about GoDaddy’s new campaign? Is it an improvement from the sexy ads they used to run, enticing people to “see more” of the titillating commercial on the GoDaddy website? Or is classy always better?

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