Miranda Lambert Breaks Down: Singer Serenades Young Cancer Patient, Is Overcome With Emotion

Miranda Lambert broke down during a recent concert in Texas and the reason has fans wiping away some tears from their eyes as well. Lambert was performing in Corpus Christi over the weekend and during the song “Over You” she took a moment to connect with a young fan in the audience. The moment became emotional for the singer, the fan and everybody watching.

As People notes, the young fan who caught Miranda’s attention was Brooke Hester. The 7-year-old is battling cancer and her presence made quite the impact on the singer. Miranda Lambert broke down in tears after holding Brooke’s hand for a moment and the singer had a tough time regaining her composure.

Hester is currently battling stage 4 neuroblastoma. She was in the audience wearing a face mask and a pink cowboy hat and she had a couple of items she wanted to give to Lambert. As Miranda sang she bent down first to take the items, then to hold the young girl’s hand. Within a few seconds it was clear that the emotional moment had gotten the best of the singer.

Miranda had to stop singing for a moment and as she stood she wiped tears away. She held out the microphone so the fans could fill in the lyrics of the song, and that continued through the end of “Over Me.”

Fox News notes that Hester was first diagnosed with cancer in 2010. There is a Facebook page set up for the young girl and the family’s efforts to raise awareness for childhood cancers and it looks like Miranda’s moment with Brooke has made quite the impact. According to Taste of Country, this was Brooke’s first real concert. The tickets had been donated by someone anonymously, but the family hadn’t even been sure she would be strong enough to attend.

The family, which is split between Texas and Michigan as Brooke battles her cancer, has started a charity called Brooke’s Blossoms. During the concert, Brooke was determined to give Miranda a note as well as a picture of a little red wagon, surely in honor of Lambert’s song titled “Little Red Wagon.” Miranda took the items, but as she got caught up in the moment during the song, she ended up leaving them on the stage. The family hopes that maybe they can reconnect with the singer and get them back to her, as they are a symbol of what has inspired Brooke.

Brooke’s mother notes Miranda’s “absolutely love and sincerity” that was shown toward Brooke as she sang to her, a moment that clearly has made quite the impression on the young girl. She is said to be a very big Lambert fan and after the moment she told her mom it was the best night ever. It’s not every day that Miranda Lambert breaks down during a performance, but this was clearly a very special connection that will leave lasting impressions on both the singer and the young girl.

[Image via Fash Craze]