‘Batman V Superman’ Filming: Batmobile In Action During Night Shoot [Video]

As Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice continues filming in Detroit, all eyes are on the Batmobile Ben Affleck will get to command in Zack Snyder’s sequel. Last week was full of news regarding the new legendary vehicle, after it was uncovered and we got to finally have a good look at it, courtesy of Snyder.

Residents were sent a notice, via a letter in the mail, warning them of filming in an industrial area of the city. The warning included the use of pyrotechnics and loud noise, during the night shoots we have seen in some videos. Unfortunately, if you are trying to catch some of the action, it looks like Warner Bros. has taken down some clips posted to YouTube.

Lucky for us, there is at least one video of the Batman v Superman footage that involves the Batmobile. Tires screeching and gun fire, are heard in this very short clip posted by Instagram user @ra_el7, in which we spot the Batmobile driving away, while involved in some sort of chase with another car that disappears in the distance.

The same guy, who says that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is filming on his street, posted a couple of other photos of the Batmobile on his page.

#BatmanvSuperman #batmobile looks GORGEOUS at night!!! via @shelbymurphy88 @WMKING2425 @dcumoviepage @D3T0N8R pic.twitter.com/RRCSru9Hg1

— juan mimendi (@juanmies) September 17, 2014

Explosions and destruction are part of the Batman v Superman scenes being filmed. Other Twitter users spotted Gotham City Gas trucks destroyed, suggesting some sort of attack, suffered in Batman’s home town.

As reported by the Inquisitr on Tuesday, a casting call (which is reportedly for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) is scheduled for October 16 and 17 in Lansing, Michigan. Warner Bros. is looking for background extras for those two days. We suspect that filming continues in the state until at least that date.

Even though we have seen several photos of the Batmobile on the streets of Detroit, Snyder continues to keep Batman himself hidden from fans and media alike. We only have this photo the director shared on Twitter in May, which shows Ben Affleck as the new Caped Crusader.

Snyder is also having some fun with fanboys and girls, and has tweeted a couple of mash-up photos showing Star Wars characters. The latest one shows the arrest of a stormtrooper, who is suspected of stealing the Batmobile.

We will get to see the Batmobile in action when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice smashes into theaters on March 25, 2016. Yes, that’s a long wait, but stay tuned for all the latest news at the Inquisitr.

[Image via Zack Snyder/Twitter]